Sanjay Jha



Sanjay Jha has led three iconic companies over the last 15 years, with a consistent track record of delivering value for shareholders, employees and communities. He has demonstrated a combination of both business acumen and broad technology leadership. He has made industry and company shaping strategic choices in both technology and business directions at each company, leading to significant value creation. He accomplished these results by attracting the best leadership talent and building world-class teams.

Sanjay Jha holds a PhD in electrical engineering, as well as 25 US patents, and in 2018 he was elected to the US National Academy of Engineering. Sanjay has mentored numerous technologists and business professionals who have moved onward to become industry leaders, including at least eight executives who have been appointed as CEOs at other companies. Sanjay’s leadership background is unique in that he has successfully served in senior leadership positions throughout the full spectrum of the semiconductor ecosystem: from semiconductor technology development and wafer manufacturing supply (GlobalFoundries), to fabless chipset design and development (Qualcomm), to tablet, smartphone, set-top box, and consumer devices (Motorola). As a leader at two public companies, Sanjay has a history of building trusted relationships with his shareholders, employees and customers because of his focus on transparent and candid communications, and a commitment to “do what you say”.

In summary, Sanjay prioritizes setting clear strategic directions and developing high performing teams who consistently execute on business objectives and create shareholder value.